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This is the season for brunette to experiment with their color and add some spice and latte to their coffee colored hair. We’re sharing our top 4 favorite tones and what to expect when you’re going for it.

It’s autumn which means, cozy sweaters, warmer colors and pumpkin spiced lattes

Fall is a hairstylists dream, we get to have fun with deep colors and bolder shapes. Historically in the hair industry, the color trends influence us to go lighter in the summer and darker in the winter. Over recent years this has changed tremendously. When the colder months come our way all we want to do is cozy up. We begin changing our wardrobes to warmer colors and patterns to help bring balance to our appearance, so why don’t we do this with our hair color too. We want to see brunettes go from plain to rich, and this can happen just by adding a little bit of dimension and warmer tones. Burnt butterscotch, cinnamon, and even beige mushroom tones to match those beautiful layers and bold French-style bobs that are so in right now.

There are many painting techniques sweeping the color industry recently and so many options for brunettes who want to add a little something-something to their one-dimensional color. So to narrow it down our team of colorists have put together their top 4 picks for our 2021 brunette balayage series.

Dirty Brunette balayage

Illuminated brunettes are huge this year. We want to see rich brunettes with some flickers of brightness in their hair. We want to keep it simple and not go too far towards blond hair keeping it more on the soft golden side.

Cinnamon balayage

We’re obsessed with the different variations to this tone. Adding a touch of copper tones to your brunette will give you the dimension you are looking for without the commitment of being a redhead.

Cherry cola

This color is just perfect for the brunette that wants to have a change and embrace the warmth that they get when getting a balayage. Warm tones are super trendy this year and you can play around with the different shades of warmth. Either burgundy, coppery or cherry brown, these tones are all very flattering when done right and maintained.

Caramel and butterscotch balayage

These fall color tones are perfectly balanced for both darker and lighter brunettes who want to add texture and dimension to their color.

Now that you are inspired by some of these beautiful balayage tones, we’ve got to spill the tea on what to expect as a brunette wanting to venture away from a one dimensional color to a multidimensional color.

Dark hair will always pull warmth, literally no one is exempt from this. If you are wanting to go lighter expect to come in for multiple visits and toners in-between your visits to help keep your new hair shiny and healthy. Now, If you are wanting a more ashy tone expect for it to look darker and that’s because ash is a blue base tone and blue always darkens. Bringing some flickering tone on tone to your beautiful brunette hair is a nice way to change it up without needing to maintain your roots. It’s super trendy and a fun way to change it up and still feel like yourself.

Now that’s not all tea, here are some positives to adding some lightness or dimension to your brunette. You’ll likely get loads of compliments, even from strangers. Chances are you’ll get more volume and texture which leads to a better hold when you style your hair. And most importantly, we believe that hair is a form of self-care and can elevate your mood in a dreary winter.


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